Size: 70 x 60 inches


I offer the following services for my Clients:

  • Custom Panorama Photography: I'll work with you to survey the venue of your choice (often via Google Earth), and plan a photo shoot resulting in an Ultra-High-Resolution image of your Large Venue, designed for your specifications for installation size (up to 200 x 50 feet) and media (stretched canvas, wallpaper, etc.).

  • Installation Simulation: No surprises! If you can supply low-resolution images of the desired image and target installation space, I'll be happy to realistically simulate the installation so you can evaluate size and color schemes from the comfort of your computer desk. Installation Space images can be single photos from a point-and-shoot camera. If you desire a pre-existing image from one of my galleries, I'm happy to simulate that image into the photo of your installation space. If the desired image has yet to be produced (i.e., you want a Custom Photo), several images from the desired venue via a point-and-shoot will suffice for me to simulate. Contact me for details.